Best of All

I have written songs for pop artists, films, TV shows, among many others.. However, I have always wanted to write a Christmas song. As I become older
and especially after having lived in different countries, I have become more sentimental around the Christmas season. I find myself longing to see family and friends. Reunions began to matter a lot and now take priority over many things that I used to consider important.

"Best of All" was written the first year that my wife and I became empty nesters. December couldn't come fast enough. Our three children (two who were then in university and one who just started working) were all scheduled to fly home for Christmas.

I sat down, played the piano, and created this song that captured exactly what was in my heart: the meaning of Christmas is love and family. The most important gift is not measured in dollars. As the song says, "and best of all you all are here." 

Have a Merry Christmas!

-Elzar Simon